Our Organization

Who We Are:

A group of individuals in the Twin Cities who have come together to fight for freedom from sexual exploitation and trafficking.  Our faith in Jesus Christ motivates us to speak out and act on behalf of the vulnerable and abused, and also gives us hope for rescue, restoration, and complete wholeness.  We readily connect with both secular and faith-based organizations involved in this cause.

What We Do:

Equipping:  Educate and train people about sexual exploitation and trafficking. Provide resources for them to learn and take action. For example, among other things, we offer Sex Trafficking 101 several times per year, an 8-hour course that covers the various dimensions of trafficking and exploitation, and the many ways people can get involved as volunteers to defend the vulnerable and care for the survivors.

Preventing:  Create and promote events at schools, youth groups, and other venues to educate youth and adults on this issue — in order to prevent future victimization and reduce the demand for trafficking. We have given presentations and held discussions at 14 different schools and youth groups over the past 6 months, reaching 1500 teenagers, and we are now initiating plans to reach out to the more vulnerable teens (e.g. aging out of foster care, special needs, homeless youth, et al.)

Restoring:  Partnering with Restoration Homes and Ministries that are helping survivors of exploitation and trafficking find healing and hope. TJ has relationships with most of the restoration homes in the greater Twin Cities and St. Cloud areas related to trafficking, sexual violence, or domestic assault. We ask for their needs and then connect volunteers to organizations where they can serve.

Connecting:  Linking people who want to help with the practical steps they can take to make a difference – and the other partner organizations in this cause. Our movement is much stronger when we are aware of one another and we work together. TJ aims to build bridges between all organizations active in this cause. And we help churches learn what other faith communities are doing and how they can connect with this movement. For example, our annual Freedom Weekend conference provides networking sessions for leaders in this movement, and our TJ staff strives to build relationships with and affirm all other groups working in this area.