Volunteer Staff Opportunities

Legal Advocacy Track Leader:

• Leads this Involvement Track Team in training people how to write letters, visit, and call their National and State Reps about bills and initiatives intended to prevent sex trafficking and exploitation.
• Maintains awareness of issues and bills. Initiates actions.

Prevention Track Leader:

• Coordinates all activities of the prevention team
• This includes coordinating speakers at high schools, middle schools, church youth groups for teens and / or parents
• Also includes outreach to highly vulnerable groups including homeless youth, foster care, and other at-risk youth.

Prevention of Demand Track Leader

· Researches the roots of what is driving men to purchase sex from others
· Reviews pornography addiction resources and make recommendations of programs
· Inspires and mobilizes churches to address the roots of demand and form men’s groups

Communications Director

· Oversees website, social media, newsletter, and all other communications areas for TJ
· Devises plans on improving communications strategies

Events Director

· Coordinates all events within TJ
· Ensures excellent execution of all events

Fundraising Director

· Creates fundraising strategies
· Executes plans for individual and corporate donors

Contact [email protected] if interested in any of these volunteer staff positions